Last December, Borgo Press released The Slab by Michael R. Collings, which is now available in both paperback and ebook editions.

Description: On the surface, 1066 Oleander Place seems a typical twenty-something-year-old tract house in the peaceful Southern California town of Tamarind Valley. What no one–not even the closest neighbors–grasps is that this house is deadly: dark, dangerous, and evil to the core. It consumes those who enter it, one by one – spiritually, psychologically, physically! Even to visit the place challenges fate … and promises horror for everyone there.

From the Author: “Tamarind Valley may seem like the quintessential Southern California suburb, filled with tree-lined streets and playing children and rolling acres of comfortable houses…but in reality, it is one scary, scary place to live.

“First, there was The House Beyond The Hill – an old, ramshackle place tucked far away on a secluded lane where no one can easily find it … but where Fear itself comes to visit, likes what it finds, and stays to kill.

“Then there was The Slab – where something went horribly wrong during the construction of an otherwise typical subdivision … and one house quietly consumes family after family that dares to live in it.

“And now there is Static! – where two neighbors first experience friendship, then face fear, and finally spiral unknowingly and unwillingly into the ultimate in electronic identity theft … and replacement.

“Feel free to visit Tamarind Valley. You may find thrills and chills, villains and victims, corruption, damnation…and, just perhaps, redemption.

“Yes, do feel free any time to visit Tamarind Valley. Each time I visited, I met intriguing characters, explored unsettling landscapes, and spent long hours working through the darkness into the light. Emerging was a relief … but I did so enjoy visiting there.

“However, I strongly recommend that you don’t plan on living there.”

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