Cemetery Dance has announced the upcoming publication of Stephen King’s The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two). The short story collection continues where the first volume left off: combining classic tales of terror with the haunting artwork of Maine artist Glenn Chadbourne.

As you venture into this new volume of The Secretary of Dreams you’ll discover “The Monkey,” “Strawberry Spring,” and “In the Deathroom” presented on beautifully designed oversized pages. These stories are heavily illustrated with spot artwork, full page illustrations, and even multiple-page art spreads. Dozens of painstakingly crafted illustrations bring King’s characters to life.

Also within this collection are “Gray Matter,” “One for the Road ,” and “Nona,” which appear for the very first time in full graphic format as imagined by Chadbourne. Not one word from King’s original manuscripts has been left out. Instead Chadbourne presents the stories through a variety of techniques: traditional paragraphs of text merged directly into the artwork, handwritten bursts of dialogue to convey emotion, and even multiple fonts to match the mood of each scene.

As with the first volume (of which there are only a few hundred copies remaining), Cemetery Dance will not be selling this title at a discount, and will not fill any orders for distributors who will be selling it at a discount. Amazon wanted over 2,000 copies of Volume One (which would have sold it out on publication), but The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two) will only be available directly from Cemetery Dance and a few independent booksellers they’ve worked with for years.

You can place your order here: Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two)

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