The Secret Lives of Married WomenTHE SECRET LIVES OF MARRIED WOMEN

by Elissa Wald

Paperback, Hard Case Crime, 2013

218 pages,$ 9.95 

 Reviewed by Mario Guslandi

Here’s a book hard to categorize. Horror? Crime?  Hardly.  A psychological thriller? Perhaps.

An erotic book as the lurid picture cover and some blurbs in the back cover seem to suggest?

No way.

Here’s a book hard to review, too. A very original plot? Not quite. An example of elegantly written prose? Not exactly. A novel so spellbinding to maintain all the time suspension of disbelief? No.

Yet…I tell you, this is a book that’s hard to put down. Now and then, just when you’re starting to feel a bit bored,something happens that makes you alert and eager to go on.

The story is about two twin sisters, one with a disreputable sexual history, now turned into a good wife and caring mother, living a respectable life , the other an attorney sexually repressed and unable to properly satisfy her husband.

A stalking neighbour will unsettle the former and a tough trial will emancipate the latter and this is all I can tell without giving up too much and spoil the pleasure to discover what’s going on in the book.

By no means a perfect novel, yet… Am I planning to read any further book by this author, Elissa Wald ?  You bet. And you should do likewise.

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