The Rising HordeRonin LLC released Stephen Knight’s The Rising Horde, Volume One earlier this year. This is the sequel to The Gathering Dead, and since the release of Volume One, Volume Two has come along as well.

Description: The Sequel to The Gathering Dead.

stench noun ?stench
Definition of STENCH
1: stink
2: a characteristic repugnant quality
— stench·ful -f?l adjective
— stenchy ?sten-che- adjective
3: military slang for Necromorph. See ZOMBIE.

As the zombie apocalypse sweeps through the United States, Special Forces operators Cord McDaniels and David Gartrell are once again thrown together–like it or not. Their mission is to protect a Texas laboratory struggling to develop an anti-necromorph vaccine before the entire country goes under! McDaniels has the vast might of the U.S. military at his disposal, but as millions of stenches march on the fortified laboratory, he begins to doubt whether it’s enough!

The race is on! For the dead have risen … and the living scream!

You can pick up the Kindle edition for only $3.99 here: The Rising Horde, Volume One

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