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The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal



A total of seven full color illustrations inside…

In witch-haunted Arkham, the restless spirit of the narrator’s great-aunt, the notorious poetess Rebecca Pascal, takes possession of an innocent woman and brings havoc to all who encounter her. Richard, to whom she bequeathed her house and wealth, is less fortunate than his expectation has led him to believe; his inheritance is something unholy–and he is no match for the machinations of Rebecca and her acolytes. Inspired in part by Lovecraft’s “The Thing on the Doorstep,” THE REVENANT OF REBECCA PASCAL takes you to ghostly houses and sinister Arkham burying grounds, where alchemy and madness join forces with a daemonic entity aroused from beyond the wall of sleep.



“Barker and Pugmire have artfully blended their considerable talents to bring us an enthralling and atmospheric tale of mystery and the uncanny. From chapter one, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal had me thoroughly possessed.”

Jeffrey Thomas, author of Ghosts of Punktown

Praise for David Barker

“… the voice of an abomination. David Barker becomes a creature bred of horror. The voice of the prose is quintessential Lovecraft.”

~ Jordan Hofer

“The Recluse is a captivating pastiche of Lovecraft, riffing, at its core, on The Outsider, but with a decidedly cosmic twist. Recommended.”

~ Ross E. Lockhart

“David Barker is obviously a veteran story teller…”

~ David Anderson

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