The Rejected QuarterlyThe Rejected Quarterly is unique among literary magazines. They offer quality offbeat fiction you can’t find anywhere else. Whatever traditional literary magazines want, The Rejected Quarterly isn’t interested in. That’s why they require their writers to submit at least five rejection slips from other publications along with each manuscript. No other literary journal maintains such strict standards.

Submission Guidelines

Editors: Daniel Weiss, Jeff Ludecke
Fiction: Fiction that doesn’t fit anywhere else. To 8,000 words. All fiction submitted must be accompanied by at least 5 rejection slips (copies okay.) TRQ desires stories that are as unique as possible. We want unusual stories, but high quality writing and a story to tell and/ or a coherent idea/ideas to express are the most important criteria. We will consider just about any type of story, but remember, we are looking for originality.
Humor: All forms welcome. Rejection slips preferred (excluding humorous fiction, where rejection slips are required).
Artwork: Cover art will be considered.
Comics: Rejection Slips preferred.
Poetry: Usually use one or two poems per issue. Currently we are only looking for rejection-related poems. Rejection slips optional.
Opinion: Guest columns and reviews will be considered. Rejection slips optional.

Responds: One to six months. Note: We are reading year-round again! Issues available: #1-#20 $7.50 (includes postage) for one issue (sample or otherwise). Four issues: $20.00; Eight issues: $32.00. Overseas orders add $1.50 per issue please.

Payment: Payment for fiction, features, and unsolicited artwork will be $20.00 and one copy of the magazine. Poetry pays $5.00 and a copy of the magazine. Payment on publication.

Advice: Be familiar with the magazine. Send Submissions to: TRQ P.O. Box 1351 Cobb, CA 95426

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