Joseph Souza has released the digital edition of his novel, The Reawakening, The Living Dead Trilogy Book One.

Description: A series of terrible things begin to happen when a scientist with a dark past resumes his genetic experiments in a small Maine town. The animals suddenly become aggressive for no apparent reason, attacking anyone within sight, including Rick’s wife. After slaughtering his diseased herd, Rick realizes to his horror that they have come back to life. Soon the farm is under siege by the deranged animals, and a small group of refugees who have assembled in the farmhouse must hunker down and defend themselves against the terrible onslaught of cannibals.

The entire town soon becomes filled with the human flesh-eaters, threatening the farmhouse and the survivors within it. But they all have the same message before they reawaken: they are seeking the chosen ones. The onset of winter provides a temporary defense against the army of the dead, but with supplies running low, the survivors realize they must formulate a plan before the arrival of spring and the dreaded melt-off. And as the world outside them descends into total madness, a surprising leader emerges from the group who will hopefully lead them to safety.

“I love reading all the various zombie novels on the market,” says Souza. “Mine however takes a different approach than the others. The living dead in my novels are not merely flesh-eaters, but avatars sent to earth for a concrete reason. For a brief moment before they turn into cannibals, the reawakened are peace-loving creatures sent to warn the living of the dangers facing them.”

You can pick up the Kindle edition for only $3.99 here: The Reawakening

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