The Quiet Road, by Annie Frame, was published by Vanguard Press last November but somehow slipped by us. You can still pick up a copy through, however.

Description: Frankford Lucas is the chief superintendent in the police force. He is well respected and well thought of… however, he has a secret. Ever since childhood he has visited The Quiet Road in his dreams. He thought it was a good place, this Quiet Road, but events unfold to prove otherwise. Gruesome murders are being carried out on his patch and trophies turning up in his flat with no rational explanation. Who is slaughtering the innocent victims and why? Profiler Lenny Docker introduces a clairvoyant into the investigation and The Sarsaparilla Duchess, seems to know more about Frankford Lucas than she should – even more than he does himself! In time Frankford Lucas learns the true secret of The Quiet Road and realises he is dealing with a force beyond his control. Can he save his soul from darkness, and can he save the souls of others who cannot help themselves? The Road is long as is the investigation leading the reader on an intense journey they will not forget in a hurry!

Here’s the book trailer:

About Annie Frame: I’m a clairvoyant medium who works with the other side of life. Writing is a wonderful way for me to express myself and sets me free. I like to use fiction knowing it offers the reader the opportunity to enjoy the story without any duty to believe in ghosts. Although I do, goes without saying! During my life the ability to see spirits has been a mixed blessing, so much so I worked at not seeing them for quite a long time. Fortunately my stories provide a pathway to share my world with others.

You can still order here: The Quiet Road

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