On Tuesday October 19th at 7:00p.m. Dark Delicacies will be holding a DVD release signing event for two new DVD’s. Writer/Director Robert Galluzzo will be signing the documentary film The Psycho Legacy along with Mick Garris, Tom Holland, Anthony Masi, Jermaine Stegall, Chris Hendrie, Lee Garlington, Cynthia Garris, Juliette Cummins and Jon Maus. Joining them will be Director/Writer Adam Gierasch and writer Jace Anderson signing the DVD release of the horror film Night of the Demons.

On Saturday October 23rd at 2:00p.m. there will be a signing event for two other DVD releases. Director Tony Elwood, Producer Paul Barrett and actor Nick Searcy will be signing the DVD release of the thriller Cold Storage. Also Director Kevin Tenney and actors Gabe Bartalos, Joshua Benson, Michelle Tomlinson, Andy Forrest, Tess McVicker and Sarah Grant-Brendecke will be signing the DVD of the horror film Brain Dead.

Dark Delicacies is located at 3512 West Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505 and can be reached for more information at (818) 556-6660 or via the website at Dark Delicacies.

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