In their warehouse, Gauntlet Press has discovered the ultimate collectible: the bluelines of their first published book, Psycho by Robert Bloch. Bluelines are proof pages sent to the publisher for final approval before a book is printed. The name is derived from the blue ink used in printing, rather than the black ink for the final product. What makes them truly unique is they’re one of a kind. Only one blueline copy is made for each book (unless there are numerous errors and then a second is sent). With Psycho there were no errors so there was just one.

Adding to its collectibility is that this copy is signed by Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury, who wrote the introduction and afterword for the book, respectively. This was the first introduction to a book Matheson had ever written. Both his intro and Bradbury’s afterword are truly wonderful appreciations for Bob Bloch the writer and Bob Bloch the man. While Bloch saw both pieces, he passed away before the book was actually published, so he didn’t sign the bluelines.

Some notes for potential buyers: Bluelines are unbound, the print is slight faded (normal for bluelines), and do not contain cover art. This is not a hardcover copy of the book. The bluelines are in mint condition with no folds or creases, and is a truly unique collectible.

Gauntlet will conduct an auction for these bluelines, with the following guidelines:

Submit one bid In the subject of your email bid include “Psycho Bluelines.”
The minimum is $100
You have until December 19th to respond
The highest bidder wins the bluelines

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