Damnation Books has released the digital edition of Ray Clark’s horror novel, The Priest’s Hole.

Description: If you’re willing to unlock the gates of hell, be prepared.

Four charred bodies in the middle of a field. The evidence suggested a ritual killing.

The body of a young constable with his head smashed to a pulp. He was investigating with his colleagues and he was on the other side of the oak tree from the four charred bodies. No one saw or heard anything!

A registered charity collector, bloodless and deflated, stretched out on the driveway of the house of a famous, well-known, local writer.

With each of the mysterious slayings, there are no clues, no motives, and no witnesses.

The police have no ideas, until their investigation takes them to Mark Farnham’s house, the author, a man who has everything … including more than enough secrets … and one of those is a Ouija-Board. Have the police found the answer to their problem?

Or have they found an even bigger headache?

Check it out on the Kindle: The Priest’s Hole

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