Book One in Bram Stoker Award Winner Mike Oliveri’s supernatural thriller series, The Pack: Winter Kill is now available on the Kindle, Nook and Apple’s iBooks digital book platforms at special promotional price for a limited time.

The US $2.99 price point is 63 percent off the regular digital edition retail price, and is meant to serve as the perfect jumping-on point for new readers ahead of the Book Two release late this year.

Description: When tourists are murdered in a resort town in the northern mountain range of Minnesota, FBI Special Agent Angela Wallace is called in to investigate. But what she finds tests her training and sanity, for what she discovers should not exist. Book One of the ongoing prose series.

“Every one who has read the first book in the series has become a rabid fan,” said Evileye Books editor, A.N. Ommus. “For a taste, just look up the Amazon reviews for the Kindle and trade paperback editions of Winter Kill. Absolutely everyone gets hooked on The Pack.”

The second book in the series, The Pack: Lie with the Dead, picks up the events that unraveled in Winter Kill, as special agent Angela Wallace continues her investigation into the past of the Tyler family, unearthing dark secrets she didn’t bargain for, risking her career and life.

The Kindle Edition: Winter Kill

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