The paperback of Brother Odd by Dean Koontz, the third novel in the series, arrives in stores on October 30. Odd has left his beloved small town, Pico Mundo, to stay as a visitor in a monastery high in the California sierra. He expects to find peace there, time to think and put his life back together. Peace doesn’t follow Odd, however; evil and chaos follow him, and it is Odd’s job to confront them, vanquish them, and create peace.

“I continue to be delighted by the enduring resonance of the chord that has been struck in readers by my humble fry-cook hero, Odd Thomas,” says Koontz. “The flood of mail from readers regarding Oddie has buoyed me on many a down day.”

He adds, “I’m currently completing the fourth book (Odd Hours) in the series, in which Odd finds himself in a California beach town that is every bit as dangerous as it is picturesque. I’ll tell you more about it in the months ahead. May all your Halloween dreams come true – or not, if they’re dreams about Armageddon.”

See Odd Thomas’ new web site and view the trailer here: Odd Thomas.

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