The Mutilation of Paris Hilton (and other stories)
By M. P. Johnson
Freak Tension Press, $5.00
Reviewed by Nickolas Cook

There are some aesthetic rules to the horror genre’s ‘punk rock’ movement.  Unrepentantly bloody and loud, it’s usually got a kick in your face kind of DYI attitude shared by the musical movement of the same name. With his chapbook, M.P. Johnson has grabbed those aesthetics by the collar and shaken out a trio of nasty punk stories that exemplify the movement’s garage band attitude.

For those of you who hate celebrity as the mind numbing, culture sucking monster it is, Johnson gives to you the titular tale of a trio of Generation Z males who kidnap the queen of vapidity, Paris Hilton, and do some fairly disgusting things to her before and after death.

Male sexual fantasy, you say?

Decidedly not.

This is a rage fueled and violent screaming denial against an American culture that values its movie stars over its heroes.  Actually, what the hell does Paris do anyway?  If you can make it past the beheading, it all comes clear.

“Punk Rock Mummy” is steeped in the Saturday afternoon Universal and Hammer horror fests we have all known and loved as kids, mixed with a liberal song of Sex Pistols and Black Flag.  This band has found a way to put their mascot to good use.  What waits on the other side of the Mummy’s dance?  Who knows?  But it isn’t into the circle pit.

And the last ditty, “Snailwart” does for burger joints what Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive” did for pudding.  I don’t think I’ll be eating at McDonald’s anytime soon.  In fact, this has most definitely put me off escargot as well.

Thanks, M.P. Johnson … I may never eat meat again.

The Mutilation of Paris Hilton is a quicky read, at a quicky price, and you can say you knew Johnson before he was the famous punk rock, horror writing superstar he’s sure to be one day.

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