Charnel House is accepting preorders for The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz, an edition of only 300 numbered copies.

There’s not much information floating around about the book at the moment, but we wanted to alert you because rumor has it that Charnel House will be raising the price from $200 to $250 on October 1st. So if you have the slightest interest in this one, think about picking it up before the price increase.

Even better, though, Subterranean Press is offering the title for only $180.

Here’s all the information we have: Rose petals are featured in this stunning Winter tale, so Charnel House has commissioned Cave Paper to create a paper handmade from Belgian Flax and rose petals exclusively for this book.

This book is expected to ship to Subterranean in time for Christmas. They’ll do our best to get copies out to customers for that date, as well.

Once again, Subterranean is offering The Moonlit Mind for $70 off the cover price, an unprecedented savings on a Charnel House edition. This offer won’t last long, so please get your order in promptly. You can preorder from Subterranean Press here: The Moonlit Mind

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