Renaissance E Books Inc. has an ebook edition of The Moon Pool by A. Merritt on its site for a download price of only $2.95. This 1915 classic tells the story of a pool of force inside Polynesia’s Nan Matol ruins created by the vibrational pattern of seven different lights, which release the “Shining One,” a powerful, luminous being of radiant matter who can race down moonbeams, bearing away to his own realm men and women who wear a mingled expression of ecstasy and loathing on their faces. The SF Encyclopedia hails him as “The supreme fantasy genius of his day.” The mainstream Hartford Times called him a writer who “weaves a web of fantasy … with poignancy and poetry … stories of tremendous action and excitement.” And the Saturday Review of Literature named him, “A genius” whose work displayed “a fertility of imaginative resource … unique, eerie, compelling.” A Dwarf-Stars SF Novelette. Not only was Merritt a monumental success in his lifetime (1884-1943), but also he remained the field’s bestselling author for the next four decades, selling over 7 million copies of his work in the U.S. alone. To purchase: The Moon Pool

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