Next month the big screen version of Stephen Kings classic tale “The Mist” hits theaters directed by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile). Now is your chance to listen to the audiobook that started it all.

Check out the full cast dramatization of this electrifying thriller on CD. Originally available only in the short story collection Skeleton Crew, The Mist on CD combines Stephen King’s sinister imagination with the miracle of 3D sound to transport listeners to a hot, lazy day in a sleepy, all-American town suddenly cloaked in a foreboding mist. When the mist comes alive with unearthly sounds and movements a band of people trapped within it must struggle for their very survival.

Every bone-chilling detail of The Mist comes to life with terrifying clarity in this masterpiece of 3D sound engineering where hearing is seeing … and believing!

Enter for your chance to win a collection of Stephen King audiobooks worth $1,000 including a copy of The Mist signed by both Stephen King and Frank Darabont here: Sweepstakes

You can order the CD here: The Mist

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