Necro Publications has opened Edward Lee’s The Mniotauress for pre-order. 400 hardcover copies. Signed & numbered for $50.00. Description: Seething, slavering, and insane, it cringes, not wanting to slip forth from the noxious, bloated belly of its abyssal mother until the most hideous sexual atrocities beckon it from Hell’s hot bowels: the dread monstrosity of unfathomable beauty and the most vile horror–revulsion and desire incarnated into one … Behold Balls and Dicky as they embark on their first sociopathic epiphany teeming with down and dirty redneck whores, occult science, corpse-sex, and scatological gross-out the likes of which would make the BTK Killer faint. These boys think they’re bad … but are they bad enough to face – The Minotauress.

To pre-order: The Minotauress

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