MidnightMan-The72lgThe Midnight Man

By Stephen Laws

Samhain Publishing


June 2013, Softcover $16.00, eBook $5.00 

Review by Kat Yares

The Midnight Man by Stephen Laws is a collection of sixteen stories, plus a screenplay,  guaranteed to get under your skin.  Each of these stories is so strong and solid, your best bet is to devour them slowly.  Allow your brain to digest each one before moving on to the next.  Because each one is capable of creeping you out long after the story is done.

With an introduction by Don D’Auria and end matter where the author discusses memories of each story, you will want to read this one all the way through.  The Curriculum Vitae in the back matter is an unique way of introducing the reader to Mr. Laws other works.   Normally, I skip all this stuff including the about the author page, yet I’ve very glad that I read this one cover to cover.

Personal favorites in this collection includes “Junk”, “The Song My Sister Sang”, “The Penitent” and “Yesterday I Flew with the Birds”.  Each of these left a lasting impression that I found myself thinking about days after I had read them.  The collection also includes “The Secret” both in short story and screenplay formats – allowing the reader to see how the author envisioned the story on the screen.    Very eye opening.

I can easily see why Mr. Laws has won so many awards.  His writing is that good, his stories brooding and his style enjoyable to read.  I can see myself reading these stories over again in the future – which means this book will have a permanent spot on my bookshelves.

If you’re really into extreme horror, these stories might not do it for you.  But if you love deep, dark, creeping horror reminiscent of Poe and Lovecraft, I have no doubt that each of these stories will affect you the same way they did me.  These stories allow you, the reader, to let your mind conjure up the images with prose that gives just enough description to set your imagination on fire.

Me, I’m going to go and track down a Stephen Law’s novel or two.  Based on these shorts, I have to believe that they will be excellent also.  I may have found a new favorite author.  So yes, folks, I highly recommend that you check The Midnight Man out also.  You won’t be disappointed.

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