The Mayans Were WrongPermuted Press, in celebration of the Mayan error and the fact that we’ve all survived, is throwing a sale through January 2nd. 14 eBooks for Amazon Kindle and NOOK for just $2.99 each.

Here are the titles you can pick up on the cheap:

  • Zombie Apocalypse Preparation by David Houchins & Scot Thomas
  • If God Doesn’t Show (A Cthulhu Mythos Novel) by R. Thomas Riley & John Grover
  • The Harvest Cycle by David Dunwoody
  • Beyond The Barriers by Timothy W. Long
  • Dead Tropics by Sue Edge
  • The Last Mailman: Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Zombies by Kevin J. Burke
  • The Eerie Adventures Of The Lycanthrope Robinson Crusoe by Peter Clines
  • Kings Of The Dead (Revised & Expanded) by Tony Faville
  • Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road by Mark Justice & David T. Wilbanks
  • The Becoming by Jessica Meigs
  • The Seven Habits by William Todd Rose
  • Plaguesville, USA by Jim LaVigne
  • Autobiography Of A Werewolf Hunter by Brian P. Easton
  • Acheron by Bryon Morrigan

You can order through Permuted Press the website here: The Mayans Were Wrong Sale

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