The Love of the DeadEvil Jester Press has released the paperback and digital editions of The Love of the Dead by Craig Saunders.

Description: When Beth Willis, who normally speaks for the deceased, is given a message from a dead medium, she steps beyond her world, into the spirit realm. D.I. Coleridge is a man marking time, until a call from Beth gives him a lead on an elusive killer who takes trophies from his victims. A killer who walks through both worlds, taking lives. A man with powers no mortal can possess. A man, but something else, too. If Coleridge and Beth are to survive, they must understand him … but some men cannot be fought. Some creatures cannot be bested. Death calls on all in time. But if Beth and Coleridge are to win, they have no choice but to call on Death themselves.

About The Author: Craig Saunders lives in Norfolk, England, with his wife and three children. He pretends to listen to them while making up stories in his head.

He has published more than thirty shorts and novellas and a lot of novels. A horror writer with a side order of fantasy…and science fiction … and humor … an author, if you will, of speculative fiction. He likes cemeteries and wizards, so it was a natural progression to drift between fantasy and horror like a drunk man weaving in and out of traffic.

You can pick up this one on Amazon here: The Love of the Dead

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