The Lords of SalemGrand Central Publishing is gering up for the March 12th release of Rob Zombie’s first original horror story since the The Devil’s Rejects. A chilling plunge into a nightmare world where evil runs in the blood, The Lords Of Salem is based on the original screenplay of the same title by Zombie and written with multiple award-winning horror author B.K. Evenson.

The Lords Of Salem opens in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. In a dark cabin, a woman gives birth to a child that is quickly stolen from her by a deformed figure. Soon, Reverend Hawthorne sees an ominous plume of red smoke rising from the woods, where the thief headed. Everyone knows the truth: witches are responsible. Reverend Hawthorne leads a group to raid the coven, capturing the witches and brutally slaughtering them all.

Flash forward to present-day Salem where Heidi Hawthorne, a 37-year-old radio DJ, recovering drug addict and direct descendent to Reverend Hawthorne, arrives at work to find an anonymous gift in the form of a mysteriously shaped wooden box, which she believes to be a promotional record for a band that identifies themselves only as “The Lords.” There is no other information and Heidi decides to play the record on her show as a joke, but as soon as she does, horrible things start to happen.

The music awakens something evil in all the descendents of those who murdered the witches in 1692. Soon enough, terrifying murders begin to happen all around Heidi. Is she losing her mind? Who are The Lords? What do they want from her? As Heidi plunges down into a terrifying world where blood flows freely and chaos reigns, only one thing is for sure — all Hell is about to break loose.

The Lords Of Salem will be released as a full-length film a couple of months after the book’s publication. Written and directed by Zombie, this will be his first original film since 2005’s beloved The Devil’s Rejects. “The book offers a different experience from the film since it can obviously go into much more detail,” states Zombie. “The book and film really complement each other.” The film is relentlessly eerie while the book goes into far more narrative detail and character back story, and also has a significantly higher body count than the film.

Here’s the official movie trailer:

About the Authors:

Rob Zombie is a Grammy nominated, multi-platinum hard rock artist and an established filmmaker. He wrote and directed the movies House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween, Halloween 2, and the animated film The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.

B.K. Evenson is the recipient of an International Horror Guild Award and the author of twelve books of fiction, most recently Immobility, which NPR called “merciless and unforgettable.” Last Days won the American Library Association’s award for best horror novel of 2010, and The Open Curtain was a finalist for an Edgar Award. He is also the author of an Aliens novel, two Dead Space novels, and a Halo novella. He lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island.

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