Grab BagCemetery Dance Publications needs to clear out the warehouse before they conduct their final inventory of the year. So they’re now offering their last Grab Bag of 2012.

These Grab Bags will be a “mixed Grab Bag” meaning there are both brand, new “mint” items and a few “returned” or slightly dinged items. These Grab Bags will feature books (Limited Editions and Trade Hardcovers from Cemetery Dance and other publishers), magazines, comics, audiobooks, chapbooks, art prints, review copies, and more! You won’t get all of those different items, but they’ll make sure you receive a nice mix of products!

Please Note: Some of the titles they’re using for this offer are out of print, but many are brand new releases!

If you’ve never purchased any kind of Cemetery Dance Grab Bag before, you’re in for a treat. They always hear back from customers who are extremely pleased that they took a chance on this random assortment of items – it’s a fantastic way to build your collection. And with this deal, who knows what kind of cool collectibles you’ll end up with!

Cemetery Dance can make sure you get different items in each Grab Bag if you order multiple Grab Bags on the same order, but they must limit each person to a total of 5 Grab Bags!

At just $19 per Grab Bag plus shipping, this deal is a steal. Check it out here: Cemetery Dance Grab Bag

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