Patrick Donnell’s The Lady of the Lake, a horror novel with an original ghost story, has been released on the Amazon Kindle for only $2.99.

Description: Logan Bishop is your typical thirteen year old and has a few skills that set him apart from his peers. He is about to embark on a journey and uncover the mystery of the Lady of the Lake.

Sent away to a summer camp by his single mother, Logan makes quick friends with Amber Swinson and Jesse Hamilton. The days of summer camp seem fun and stress free. That is, until one of the campers is found dead. His body decomposed beyond recognition and looking as if it had been submerged in water and decomposing for weeks. A victim of the Lady of the Lake.

Logan, Jesse and Amber embark on a quest to solve the old mystery. Soon, other victims begin turning up. During his investigation, he unravels who this watery ghost was in life and what transpired to make her journey endlessly along the lakeshore near Granby Colorado.

This apparition seeks out her victims at the watery edge of Shadow Mountain Lake where Logan’s summer camp is located. It is just a matter of time before Logan solves the mystery or becomes a victim to the Lady of the Lake himself. Along the way, Logan learns the taste of death.

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