The KeepGauntlet Press has been able to get two titles from IDW publishing; graphic novels of some of their published authors (and some of their published material).

First up is The Keep by F. Paul Wilson: A 124-page hardcover graphic novel of F. Paul Wilson’s acclaimed title. $25 + postage (available now)

Road RageSecond up is Road Rage by Stephen King, Joe Hill and Richard Matheson: Gauntlet published “Throttle,” the first story co-written by father and son Stephen King and Joe Hill, in He Is Legend: An Anthology Celebrating Richard Matheson. In this 120 page hardcover graphic novel the reader gets both “Throttle” and the Richard Matheson novella it was based on, the classic “Duel.” Both have been packaged as Road Rage. This title should be available shortly. $25 + postage (ships when received)

These two titles have been licensed to IDW for a short period of time. Gauntlet also wanted to make available the graphic novel of I Am Legend but were told the license to this title had expired, even though copies remain. IDW is prohibited from selling I Am Legend.

So, get The Keep and Road Rage while they remain available!

To order your copies (you can order as many copies of each title as you want) go to the Gauntlet Press website and order He Is Legend (you will NOT be charged for this book). In the Comment’s section mention which title (or mention both if you want the two) you want and the quantity if you want more than one copy of either title. As always ignore the first notice automatically generated by our server (it will not contain the proper information or price). The confirmation signed by publisher Barry Hoffman will contain all the corrected information.

Gauntlet has to submit orders in one week, so they’ll need your orders by Wednesday, August 1st. They expect a large number of orders so they appreciate your patience as they might not be able to get to all orders the day you place your order.

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