The Journal of Unlikely Entomology is a new online literary magazine for fiction that delves into the world of things that creep and crawl, and explores the limit of what it means to be human. The debut issue went live in May 2011. The Journal will publish issues twice yearly, with Issue Two expected to appear in November. The magazine is edited by Bernie Mojzes and A.C. Wise. The Art Director is Linda Saboe. The Journal of Unlikely Entomology is a paying market, and is currently open for submission. Guidelines can be found here: The Journal

The Table of Contents for issue one include:

  • “Arachne” by J.M. McDermott, illustrated by Astrid Budi
  • “Love in the Absence of Mosquitoes” by Mari Ness, illustrated by Lynnette Shelley
  • “So Speaketh the Trauma Gods” by John Medaille, illustrated by Linda Saboe
  • “Plague of Locusts” by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, illustrated by Linda Saboe
  • “Museum Beetles” by Simon Kewin, illustrated by Seth Fitts
  • “They Wait” by Steve Barber, illustrated by Bryan Prindiville
  • “The Cowboy, the Horse, and the Scorpion,” illustrated by Martin Koza

Issue One is available online, and can be found here: The Journal of Unlikely Entomology

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