The After Life ProjectThe Jake Helman Files: Afterlife Project, a free app for iPad users, is tentatively scheduled for release this Wednesday on the Medallion Press website. It’s a cool promotion for Greg Lamberson’s Jake Helman series, with two dozen illustrations covering Jake’s adventures in the first four books, showcasing villains, femmes, monsters, and locations. The conceit is that Jake drew the pictures and wrote the captions himself, as an addendum to the Afterlife file which plays a key role in the series. It’s both a primer for the uninitiated and a thank you to regular readers.

This is part of Medallion’s lead up to the publication of Tortured Spirits: The Jake Helman Files #4 in October. It’s Lamberson’s biggest book (at least until The Julian Year in 2013), and he thinks it’s his best. He plans to push it is hard as he can.

Check it out on Wednesday: Afterlife Project

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