Allied Horror and Lazy Donkey films are moving full steam ahead on their new horror project The Hospital, which has been generating quite a bit of buzz in the media. This brutal film that craftily combines the slasher and paranormal genres has added quite an impressive cast list of horror veterans with a mixture of newcomers, including John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunters International), Daniel Emery Taylor (Return Of Swamp Thing), Jim O’Rear (The Dead Matter), Jason Crowe (Dead Moon Rising), Christina Schimmel (American Pie), G. Larry Butler (Frankenstein Vs The Monster From Blood Cove), Fangoria Magazine’s 2011 Scream Queen Of The Year Melanie Contreras, Megan Hunt (The Basement Tapes), and many more.

For those who missed the previous report on this exciting project, the story is this… Old St. Leopold’s Hospital has many urban legends surrounding it, but the residents of Bridgeport all agree on one thing: tortured souls roam its abandoned halls. The mystery proves too much for a pretty young student who decides to investigate for her senior class project. Unfortunately, she does not find ghosts. She, instead, finds Stanley… serial rapist, murderer, and psychopath. As the young girl becomes Stanley’s new pet, a team of young investigators descend on the hospital to “hunt some ghosts.” Stanley sees nothing but fun and games in his future. But, what Stanley does not know is that the hospital truly is haunted and the restless spirits there are not happy with what he has been doing.

One of the many interesting things about this production is that it will be lensed in actual haunted locations where the filmmakers hope to capture real paranormal activity on film as they shoot the feature, making the viewer ask the question “is it or isn’t it real?” Today, the filmmakers, Jim O’Rear (co-writer/co-producer), Daniel Emery Taylor (co-writer/co-director/co-producer), and Tommy Golden (co-director/co-producer), have released the names of the haunted locations where this creepy story will be filmed. Two of the most haunted locations in the south … seen on television shows including Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Chalenge, My Ghost Story, and Ghost Lab … the Old South Pittsburg Hospital and Hales Bar Dam, located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Old South Pittsburg Hospital was built in 1959 on 2.3 acres and is located on the foothill of South Pittsburg Mountain. It includes a psych ward, full surgical suite, labor and delivery rooms, nurseries, and a morgue, just to name a few areas that will be utilized in the movie. It remained an active hospital for almost forty years before closing its doors and being completely abandoned in 1998. Over the years since its closing, there have been many reports of unusual and paranormal activity, including full body apparitions, disembodied voices, doors opening and closing on their own, items floating through the air, strange balls of lights, shadow people, and many more remnants from the patients who checked in but never checked out.

Hales Bar Dam, constructed from 1905 to 1913, sits on a piece of land that was cursed by Native Americans and features several floors of creepy rooms, a powerhouse, a control building, cemetery, and underground tunnels. Several leaks in the dam immediately began to appear after construction, eventually leading to the closing of the dam, but not before several lives were claimed. The building fell into a state of disrepair, which adds to the creepy atmosphere that the filmmakers plan to take full advantage of.

Through the magic of filmmaking, these two extremely haunted buildings will be combined into one, becoming a character of its own and the backdrop for the upcoming film The Hospital.

If you would like to become involved with The Hospital campaign and get some great perks (including the opportunity to pre-order the DVD), there are still a few days left at: IndieGoGo

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