In case you missed it, Cemetery Dance recently published Dark Arts, a Horror Writers Association anthology, edited by John Pelan, with cover artwork by Jill Bauman and illustrated endsheets by Alex McVey. Description: From the grimmest of the Greek tragedies to contemporary death metal horror has held a fascination with artists of all disciplines. From Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and Edith Nesbit’s “Man Made in Marble” to the recent works like Secret Window and Skin the muses of creativity and the furies of terror have been closely linked. In this anthology, award-winning editor John Pelan invites his colleagues in the Horror Writers Association to contribute their darkest thoughts on the creative processes. Step into the gallery and view twenty-two of the most disturbing visions that can be conjured by these dark artistes … Stay as long as you dare ….

Table of Contents:
“The Disease Artist” by Steve Rasnic Tem
“The Shape of the Empty Heart” by Gerard Houarner
“For Art’s Sake” by John Pelan
“With Acknowledgements to Sun Tzu” by Brian Hodge
“Hurdy Gurdy” by Peadar Ó Guilín
“The Art of Madness” by Edo van Belkom
“The Power of Preserving Pictures” by Leah Cutter
“The Death Technique” by John B. Rosenman
“Body” by Tim Lebbon
“The Final Staging of Ascent” by Tom Piccirilli
“I Hear You Quietly Singing” by Lucy Taylor
“Learning to Leave the Flesh” by Jeff VanderMeer
“The Hoplite” by Paul Finch
“Chained Melody” by Patricia Macomber
“Works of Art” by J.F.Gonzalez
“The Disinterment of Ophelia” by Michelle Scalise
“If You Were Glass…” by David Niall Wilson
“A Splash of Color” by Michael Oliveri
“The Mist Machine” by Charlee Jacob
“Scratching the Surface” by Michael Kelly
“Kodachrome” by Lorelei Shannon
“Nightmares, Imported And Domestic” by Mark McLaughlin and Matt Cardin

Published by Cemetery Dance, you can order from: Dark Arts

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