The Hiss of Escaping Air
Christopher Golden

PS Publishing, Chapbook, 32 Pages
Review by Kent Knopp-Schwyn

The Hiss of Escaping Air is a quiet horror tale from the ever-prolific Christopher Golden. In the hands of a less accomplished writer, this could have been a tired tale marching along the path of well used horror tropes leading the reader to a predictable and foregone conclusion. In Mr. Golden’s hands, the tale sends the reader through a number of twists and turns until finally coming to a horrific and heart-rending conclusion. The narrative lends itself well to Mr. Golden’s straightforward writing style and the narrative, while brief in length will haunt the reader well after the last word is read.

This special edition Fantasycon chapbook has an evocative cover drawing by Wayne Blackhurst and looks to be printed in 2 colors and will have all the usual high standards found in all other PS Publishing titles. As the story is relatively short, a review of the plot would give away all too much and destroy the surprises in store for the reader. Suffice it to say that The Hiss of Escaping Air is about love won and lost set in the plastic world of Hollywood. Within that narrative hook, Mr. Golden keeps the reader off balance through misdirection and by doling out details like a miser pinching pennies.

Fantasycon attendees will surely enjoy this short, haunting tale.

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