The GistSubterranean Press has announced the upcoming publication of The Gist by Michael Marshall Smith.

Description: “The conscious extraction of meaning from a procession of words is not, after all, the only way of interacting with a text, or with anything else in the world…”

A dealer in old books, lost books — books no-one knows even exist. A man who works for him, prizing meaning from places where it is deeply hidden. A book, at first unintelligible … but which begins to reveal its secrets in ways the translator could never have guessed.

This is the story of The Gist, but that’s only the beginning of the journey. Michael Marshall Smith’s original novelette was then translated into French by Benoît Domis, before being rendered back into English by Nicholas Royle — who had no access to the original text or author during the process.

All three versions are presented in this edition. The idea is to discover what happened during the process, how much the story changed while passing through two other minds and another language…

To see if The Gist survived.

About The Author: Novelist, short story writer and screenwriter, writing under the names Michael Marshall Smith and Michael Marshall. As the former, winner of the International Horror Guild and Philip K Dick Award – in addition to winning the British Fantasy Award for best short story more than any other author in history. As Michael Marshall, an internationally-bestselling writer of thrillers.

You can preorder this title directly from Subterranean Press here: The Gist

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