The Gemini Factor, a new supernatural thriller by Paul Kane, has been released by Screaming Dreams.

Description: It’s a miracle, pure and simple. The miracle of twin birth. But in the city of Norchester, being a twin also marks you out as a victim. Because someone is killing them and stealing their body parts. It’s up to Inspector Roy Mason and his Sergeant, Deborah Harrison, to track down the culprit before they can strike again. Their only lead? A man whose own twin was brutally murdered by the killer. A man whose brother is now helping him from beyond the grave.

Excerpt: The city has two faces.

This thought had often occurred to him and seemed especially relevant tonight. Two faces. One: respectable, happy, smiling. Carefree. At times even beautiful – on the right day, in a particular light, usually during the summer when the parks and streets were filled with families, children. Or even at this time of year as its residents geared up for Christmas and the shop fronts were plastered with decorations.

Then there was the other face. Ugly, contorted, vicious. Half hidden by the shadows – it had teeth, crooked and sharp. And it could bite. This was the face it hardly dared show to the world, made up of drug pushers and vagrants, prostitutes, muggers and rapists.

If you were lucky you never got to see this face. But then Roy Mason had never really believed in luck.

He cast his eyes over Norchester’s streets tonight. This Sunday night. The endless sea of tiny lights, the people out and about…the traffic, of which he made up only the tiniest of proportions in his dirty, silver Granada. Mason slid the steering wheel through his hands, breaking off from the main procession. He turned left down a narrowing road.

I’m staring into the eyes of that ugly face right now, he thought.

From the imagination of award-winning author Paul Kane (The Lazarus Condition, Peripheral Visions, RED, Arrowhead and Broken Arrow), comes a powerful novel, a supernatural whodunnit unlike any other – in which the very laws of the serial killer procedural are turned on their head. A novel which holds a mirror up to our very souls and asks us just who we are. You might not be quite ready for the answer …

To learn more and/or order: The Gemini Factor

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