Agora Entertainment and Final Fate Features have announced that the official website for their horror movie, The Final, is now up and running. The website can be found at The Final, and
includes the film’s trailer, a gallery of photos, synopsis and cast and crew information.

Written and produced by Jason Kabolati (Pendulum, Mad Bad) and helmed by first time director Joey Stewart, The Final stars Marc Donato (Degrassi tv series, White Oleander), Jascha Washington (Big Momma’s House 2) and Julin (Spirit Camp).

The Final is a terrifying story that follows a group of high school outcasts who host a costume party and employ an arsenal of physical and psychological torture to avenge the years of humiliation and torment they suffered at the hands of the popular students. Shares director Joey Stewart, “The Final is about being picked-on, bullied and tormented, and the retaliation and revenge that it incurs. As the outcasts begin to feel that life has no meaning, they make a pact for revenge and suicide that they believe will teach these kids a valuable life lesson. It’s about what happens when people are pushed to the brink of despair, and the consequences the responsible parties must face.”

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