Cemetery Dance will be releasing a signed, special Limited Edition of The Exorcist and Legion by William Peter Blatty this December. Featuring these two classic novels in one volume for the first-time ever, this oversized deluxe special edition also includes a career-spanning interview conducted by Cemetery Dance Managing Editor Brian Freeman, covering Blatty’s life and career from the 1950s to the present. They exchanged more than 10,000 words during this long conversation and there are insights in this piece you’ve never seen anywhere else.

“I have for many years envisioned The Exorcist and Legion to be one continuous read, even though the former is a fact-based, clearly ‘religious thriller,’ while the story of Legion delivers more excitingly on the level of a pure ‘entertain-ment,'” says Blatty. “Never-the-less, it is Legion and not The Exorcist that is by far the more ambitious work in that the demonic homicides that police Lt. Kinderman is investigating are of much lesser concern to him than solving that case of cosmic homicide that for eons, and for so many and for so long, has been the foremost stumbling block to belief in a benevolent Creator, namely the so-called ‘Problem of Evil,’ to which Legion brazenly offers a solution.”

Learn more and/or order here: Exorcist And Legion

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