Fernando Sobenes wants readers to know that his novel, The Evil Visitor, will be available for a free Kindle download through April 27th.

Description: Northern Kuwait, 1991. The first Persian Gulf War.

Peter Donovan, a US Army lieutenant leads a group of soldiers into an ambush in the Iraqi desert. The fight begins and the enemies get massacred. Hearing a terrible child cry, trying to help, he encounters a terrifying force in a grave beneath the sands of the desert where he has unknowingly pocketed an amulet that contains enormous power. Evil takes him to death’s door, yet he is able to escape.

Years later, Peter, now a civilian and a small town sheriff, unwittingly opens a door for that ancient evil with a what many consider to be a child’s game, the Ouija Board. Donovan enlists the help of Father Josh Carter, a Catholic priest beset by his own doubts, in his effort to fight this paranormal threat.

Will evil destroy them? Will they be able to save those they love or will evil triumph and send them all to hell?

Download your free Kindle edition here: The Evil Visitor

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