Cemetery Dance Publications has announced the upcoming publication of Ron McLarty’s The Dropper, a brand new signed Limited Edition hardcover with a print run of just 350 copies for the Limited Edition and just 52 copies for the Deluxe Lettered Edition. And because they were so blown away by this book, there will also be a trade hardcover edition for retailers and bookstores.

Description: Some say it’s Death, Some say it’s darkness, I say it’s a game of light…

Gutsy 17-year-old Albert “Shoe” Horn is an apprentice plumber and part-time boxer in England in 1922, but when his mother dies, he finds himself responsible for an abusive, alcoholic father and a younger brother with special needs.

This marvelous novel follows the indomitable Shoe’s day-to-day survival with poetic grit, cynical genius, respect, and deep affection as he navigates a world full of very real characters: the gentle giant McAvy, his slave-driving boss, the Irish louts that resurrect his temper, the tempting ladies who seek him out, his hilarious plumbing clients, and the formidable “Dropper,” who Shoe fears will take away the most true thing in his life, his brother.

You can pre-order directly from Cemetery Dance here: The Dropper

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