The Doomsday StockingThe end is nigh, so let’s get into the spirit! It’s time to be prepared with some great books (because we all know you might have to hold up in a shed, bomb shelter or another confined space for quite some time).

The Doomsday Stocking has been designed by Dark Regions Press to prepare you for one of the worst effects of the end of the world: boredom.

What’s in this stocking, you ask? Holiday gremlins, bullet shells and butcher knives? Oh, much more than that, much more indeed!
This stocking is built to help you survive most apocalyptic scenarios (comet, mass-infection, the living dead, a conjugal visit from Cthulhu) utilizing the following essential survival items:

  • 1x DRP Hardcover (Limited Hardcover OR Deluxe Hardcover, up to $150 value!)
  • 1x DRP Trade Paperback (could be signed by the author, up to $20 value!)
  • 3x DRP ebooks (randomly chosen from our growing selection, up to $12 value!)
  • 1x DRP Bookmark (show off the DRP love to what remains of humanity, $1 value!)
  • 3x Stocking Stuffers – Get 3 of these 5 surprise stocking stuffers: extra DRP Hardcover, extra DRP Trade Paperback, DRP gift certificate ($10 to $50 value), an issue of Dark Regions Magazine (#16 or #17), ARC copy of yet-to-be announced DRP book(s) (up to $220 value!)
  • Bonus of the Apocalypse: three free stories from Jeff Strand’s upcoming collection Dead Clown Barbecue.

That’s right – everything you could possibly need to survive the oncoming doomsday is included in The Doomsday Stocking! But since we’re big fans of surprises…

One lucky Doomsday Stocking buyer will receive a lifetime subscription to Dark Regions Digital.

Up to $300 in Dark Regions Press products for a mere $50, and that’s not considering the lucky winner of a lifetime of DRP ebooks.

The end of the world is approaching fast, that’s why Dark Regions is offering free USPS Priority Mail shipping on all U.S. orders for The Doomsday Stocking. Free Priority Mail shipping means you get your books just in time for the grand finale!

Check it out for yourself: Dark Regions Press Doomsday Stocking

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