The Darkest Evening Of The Year by Dean Koontz in now out in paperback. The novel is meant to be an edge-of-the-seat, funny, uplifting novel about dogs and the wonderful people who rescue dogs that have been abused or abandoned. It’s about an exceptional woman, Amy Redwing, and a mysterious golden retriever, Nickie, who go on a magical journey through some dark territory that will require all the courage and all the faith in each other they can muster.

In addition, Issues 4 & 5 of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son comic book series have just been released. Issue #4 – While one of Victor Helios’ creations reaches out for his master’s help in a most peculiar way, Detective Carson investigates the apartment of Bobby Allwine. What clues will the home of the murder victim of the serial killer known as The Surgeon reveal? This much you can be sure of, what she finds there will change her life forever. Issue #5 – Lock your doors and windows the Surgeon is on the loose! The mystery surrounding the New Orleans serial killer deepens as Detectives O’Connor and Maddison discover some citizens of the Big Easy might not be what they appear. Will they find the evidence they need to save the next victim, or will they be too late again?

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