Dark Regions Halloween Grab BagWhat slithering horrors await inside the black bag?

Dark Regions Press has announced its first-ever Halloween grab bag. Customers will receive from over 150 Dark Regions Press published titles in the realm of horror, dark fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Three lucky buyers will receive sculptures in their grab bags and one lucky buyer will win a membership to the 2012 DRP Book Club, a $210 retail value.

The element of surprise is one of the joys with grab bags in the industry, receiving books you may not have heard of or considered before, and of course getting extra Halloween treats! Buyers of the Dark Regions Press Halloween Grab Bag will receive:

1x Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover Edition ($40-$45 value): mint and first edition, numbered, 6’’x9’’, bound in leatherette, signed by the author, stamped on the spine with the title and author’s name, includes end papers, colored book ribbon, multi-colored header, 60lb. natural vellum stock and a dust jacket if applicable.

2x Fiction Trade Paperbacks ($30 – $40 value): 6”x9”, 12 point full color cover, 60lb. natural vellum stock, may be signed by author.

1x Poetry Trade Paperback ($5 – 15 value): 5 x 8.5, 12 point full color cover, 60lb. natural vellum stock, may be signed by author.

1x DRP T-Shirt ($20 value): Grab Bag buyers will get a t-shirt of their size choosing with their order.

1x DRP Bookmark ($1 value): Grab Bag buyers will receive a new laminated DRP Bookmark.

New Short Story from Jeff Strand: Grab Bag buyers will receive a digital edition via e-mail of the new Jeff Strand story “Protect Us From The Piranha People!” after their order! Jeff strand is the author of Pressure, Dweller, A Bad Day for Voodoo, Wolf Hunt and The Sinister Mr. Corpse.

DRP Sculptures (Demon Head, Zombie Candle Holder or Wolf Head, $30 value): 3x lucky Grab Bag buyers will receive a signed and limited DRP sculpture from artist and sculptor Frank Walls.

DRP 2012 Book Club Membership ($210 value): one lucky Grab Bag buyer will receive a DRP 2012 Book Club membership, giving them 6x Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcovers, e-book editions of all books, 1x surprise limited hardcover, 2x surprise limited trade paperbacks, permanent 15% discount code for the DarkRegions.com website.

Join Dark Regions Press and get a Halloween surprise! You could end up getting nearly $350 in genre fiction and premium signed hardcovers.

Available on DarkRegions.com only from October 2nd to October 31st, 2012.

Visit: Dark Regions Halloween Grab Bag

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