Independent publisher ChiZine Publications has released a hardcover edition of Daniel A. Rabuzzi’s The Choir Boats, its fourth title and first dark fantasy novel, for a limited time.

From the ChiZine Publications’ website: “When emissaries from a world called Yount offer merchant Barnabas McDoon a chance to redeem himself, he accepts their price—to voyage to Yount with the key that only he can use to unlock the door to their prison. But bleak forces seek to stop him: Yount’s jailer, a once-human wizard who craves his own salvation, kidnaps Barnabas’s nephew. A fallen angel—a monstrous owl with eyes of fire—will unleash Hell if Yount is freed. And, meanwhile, Barnabas’s niece, Sally, and a mysterious pauper named Maggie seek with dream-songs to wake the sleeping goddess who may be the only hope for Yount and Earth alike.”

All copies of the hardcovers will be signed by the author Daniel A. Rabuzzi as well as cover artists/interior illustrators Erik Mohr and Deborah Mills.

The print run for this book will be limited to those orders received and all orders must be placed by May 23, 2009. You can order from: Horror Mall

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