T. M. Moore has released the second book in her The Children of The Dragon series. Destiny’s Forge, Book 1 of the series, follows the adventures of Antonia Bellero, a half human alien vampire, who is on a manhunt for an old enemy from her world. Through a quirky twist of fortune she winds up serving on IFDC Destiny’s Forge, where she faces several obstacles in her path that pose a grave threat to the destiny of the human race as well as her own. When her hunts leads her to find her quarry she discovers that her own destiny is not quite what she thought it would be. There are still compies available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.

In Book 2: To Taste The Dragon’s Blood, imagine that everything you knew or thought you knew about humanity’s place in the universe is turned upside down by just a few days spent on the surface of Mars. Jonathan Kraine is a well-known explorer and archaeologist who finds that reality is just as fantastic as myth, and that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, when he stumbles upon an ancient ruin buried beneath the surface. His life is changed forever when he discovers the answers to some of the greatest mysteries of all time through his association with an alien vampire named Andru. You can purchase a copy here: To Taste The Dragon’s Blood

Book 3: Nagrasanti, an anthology of illustrated short stories and art featuring characters in the same universe that are interviewed by a reporter for a major metropolitan news site, is coming in January of 2007. For more information on the series go to: Ikthalion

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