PS Publishing has made Tracy Knight’s collection, The Astonished Eye, available in a digital format for the first time.

Description: As Philip José Farmer pointed out in his introduction to the printed book version of The Astonished Eye, some of the “story elements seem at first sight to be staples of the science-fiction/fantasy field”, and yet in all his years in the genre he still found this novel intriguing and he asserts that Knight “has something to say that’s new and surprising”.

Well, naturally Farmer is going to praise the book he introduces — that’s what he was invited to do — but the way he chooses to do so is interesting: his vague sense of surprise that he can still find novelty in an apparently standard genre novel after so long. It’s true that The Astonished Eye looks to be loaded with clichés: a summary could easily make it look like derivative X Files/Twilight Zones fare, and so Farmer’s words are encouraging. This book is, indeed, more interesting than a summary may lead the browser to believe, but it is also less satisfying than it might have been.

You can purchase a copy directly from PS Publishing here: The Astonished Eye

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