The Adaptations of Stephen KingIn its most recent newsletter, PS Publishing has announced that it has decided to let go of Jeremy Guerineau’s The Adaptations Of Stephen King.

“Yeah, we’re all of us BIG fans of Steve’s work so this was one that was high up on our ‘to do’ list,” says Publisher Peter Crowther, “and Paul’s design team had done a brilliant job of mapping out the way the book was going to appear. The trouble was we just couldn’t seem to make it work. There’s already a feast of King material out there (not least my chum Stephen Jones’s Creepshows) and, when the dust had settled a little, I chatted it through with noted King scholar Bev Vincent and we ended up thinking that it kind of looked like we were just foisting another book on fans of Steve’s work just for the money. (Hey, don’t get me wrong … we *love* the money, just like the next guy … but we wanted to give fans a little something extra … and Jeremy felt the same). So, with profound regrets, we decided to let it go. Steve said he understood and even applauded our decision and Jeremy took it on the chin like the professional we already knew he was. He’s going to re-visit the whole idea and maybe come up with a new slant – we look forward to that happening: hell, who knows … the butterfly that this particular chrysalis becomes may still come out from PS. But whether that happens or not, we wish Jeremy well with it.”

PS Publishing Ltd is a UK based company. An award winning small press specialising in the very best science fiction, horror, fantasy, crime, and speculative fiction from established names and up and coming authors.

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