Taste of the TenderloinDark Regions is currently offering Gene O’Neill’s Taste of Tenderloin at a 35% discount. You can pick up the signed, limited hardcover for only $28.95.

Description: Nine stories of dark science fiction and fantasy take us through the underbelly of San Francisco’s most notorious district known as the Tenderloin. Including the all-new story “Red Alien.”

Winner of the 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Collection.

Best known for his strong sense of place and uniquely vibrant characters. O’Neill brings the gritty underside of the city to life with nine interwoven stories of broken lives, missed dreams, and all that can go wrong with both reality and fantasy among the down and out. The city itself opens wide to swallow all comers with the temptation of its secrets and sins, while O’Neill brings dignity and humanity to a set of characters often overlooked in both society and fiction.

Check it out at Dark Regions: Taste of Tenderloin

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