Damnation Books has just released Cory Cramer’s novella, Symptoms of a Broken Heart. This dark urban fantasy contains equal parts erotic horror and supernatural suspense. In many ways, it is a throwback to classic werewolf stories, focusing on our inner demons and the difficulty we can have controlling them, especially when we are under extreme stress.

Description: When Lisa and her sister Susan celebrate Susan’s birthday by attending a Full Moon Party – a party thrown by a group of werewolf fanatics in a swamp near New Orleans – an unexpected tragedy occurs. Fearing repercussions, Lisa turns to black magic in order to cover up what happened to her sister. But keeping things under wraps isn’t as easy as Lisa thinks. Little does she know, her inner demons — and desires — will be the biggest obstacles in keeping her sister’s death a secret.

Available as an ebook or in trade paperback. To find out more and/or order: Symptoms of a Broken Heart

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