Suspense Magazine is offering four free issues to all that are interested. The offer will run though July.

Suspense Magazine is a digital outlet for readers of horror, suspense, mystery, and thriller novels to find new and existing authors, read stories and author bios/interviews. In turn, they are also an avenue for authors to promote their work and gain exposure.

“The question I get a lot is how do we pick our authors each month?” says John Raab, Publisher/Editor. “Basically it falls on two things. First would be finding an author that writes in the theme of the month we are featuring. Many times, we receive a book from a publisher or an author who we have not heard from and they electrify us so much, we have to bring them in. After all, the birth of Suspense Magazine came from finding and introducing talented, new authors into the literary world. Second is contacting them, sometimes over and over to see if they are interested. Sometimes you hear back, sometimes you don’t.”

The magazine is available on Amazon, B&, and also through request on their website. Numerous bestselling authors have been featured including Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Rollins and Janet Evanovich.

You can subscribe to the magazine here: Suspense Magazine

And you can receive your four free issues (only through this month) by sending an email with 4 Free Issues in the subject line to:

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