The newest issue of Suspense Magazine – with suspense, mystery, horror and thriller fiction – has been released.

Here’s the lineup:

  • A Southern Haunting: True Hauntings of the South by CK Webb
  • Grrrrrachoo!!! by Elliott Capon
  • Basing Historical Fiction on Fact: Meet Michele Kallio
  • Phantom by Ted Bell
  • Fire by Kathleen Delaney
  • May It Please the Court (and the Reader) by Anthony J. Franze
  • Stranger Than Fiction: Nevermore! by Donald Allen Kirch
  • Simpatico Siblings: Meet Lee Hollis
  • Inside the Pages: Suspense Magazine Book Reviews
  • Suspense Magazine Movie Reviews
  • Featured Artist: Egle Zioma
  • Writers in the Eye of a Storm by Andrew Peterson
  • Contributor’s Corner: Susan May
  • Hand Me Down Heist by Sheila M. Warner
  • Just for Fun

You can order a subscription here: Suspense Magazine

On the extra news front, Suspense Magazine is developing a new TV show, but not in the sense you are thinking. Something never before seen on a blog site (at least they’ve never seen it). They are putting together an original TV show, with each entry being an “episode.” They were hoping to have it up and running on March 1st, but just to make sure it is good enough for our fans, they’re pushing the start date to no later than April 1st, so check Facebook for the actual start date.

Years ago the small town of Green Lake, OH was put under a curse. History teacher Michael Barrett had moved away and started a life and family in California. When his father kills his mother and then commits suicide, Michael is on a quest to find the source of the curse, that has been blamed for the events taking place recently in the town. You will be thrilled and chilled with each episode, wondering just what the hell is going on and if the curse is spreading to other towns. More than just another serial novel, “Welcome to Green Lake” will give you the visual aspect of a TV show, while you are reading each episode. Clips from the show will be played on the radio station, making Suspense Magazine the place to be for everything genre related.

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