Suspense Magazine - February 2013February is the month of love. Where romances can start or continue, but either way Cupid and his minions are out in full force. However this is Suspense Magazine, not a romance novel. February to them means that romances end in betrayal, murder, revenge, and just crazy. The author lineup this month is nothing short of spectacular. Robert Crais, Alan Russell, Jeri Westerson, Robin Burcell, Stuart MacBride, Betty Webb, Mary Daheim, Andrew Gross, Lisa Gardner and Michael Symon (yep the Iron Chef).

Robert Crais is “Suspect,” Alan Russell brings us “Burning Man,” Robin Burcell and “The Black List,” Stuart MacBride has “Birthdays for the Dead,” Mary Daheim goes to “The Alpine Xanadu,” Betty Webb and “The Llama of Death,” Jeri Westerson continues with “Blood Lance.” Have you lost your breath yet, good because dinner is ready with Iron Chef Michael Symon cooking it up for you with recipes from “Carnivore.” For dessert you can sit down and take some writing lessons from Lisa Gardner and Andrew Gross.

There is love, oops, suspense / thriller / mystery and horror in the air this Valentine season, so jump right in to the February 2013 Issue of Suspense Magazine.

Here’s the complete lineup:

  • Into the Woods By Chrys Fey
  • Rules of Fiction with Andrew Gross By Anthony J. Franze
  • Cozy up With Betty Webb: An Interview
  • Stranger Than Fiction: The Flying Dutchman! By Donald Allen Kirch
  • Writing Wasn’t on her Radar: An Interview with Jeri Westerson
  • Lisa Gardner on Conquering the Dreaded Synopsis
  • Valentine By M. A. Hunter
  • Excerpt of “Rules of Crime” By L.J. Sellers
  • Inside the Pages: Suspense Magazine Book Reviews
  • Suspense Magazine Movie Reviews
  • Featured Artist: Marilena Kloutsou
  • From Their Pen…to the Silver Screen By CK Webb
  • Reflections By Jake Teeny
  • Iron Chef Michael Symon Serves up a Romantic Suspense Meal
  • Unbeliever By Suzanne Paul.
  • Nurturing a Baby By Keith Rommel
  • Intuition of Evil By Ann Schwarz

You can order a single issue or subscribe here: Suspense Magazine

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