The latest issue of Suspense Magazine has been released.

Here’s what you’ll find inside its pages:

  • Oba Chandler & the Murder of the Rogers Family by Fred Shrum, III
  • Isadora DayStar by P.I. Barrington
  • Gives Voice to Those who Have None: Meet Kira Peikoff
  • Dad’s Dilemma by Marilyn June Janson
  • The Many Lives of Sarah Kernochan
  • Featured Artist: Silviya Yordanova
  • Killer Lesson by Len Dawson
  • Inside the Pages: Suspense Magazine Book Reviews
  • Suspense Magazine T.V. & Movie Reviews
  • Catch Me by Lisa Gardner
  • A Southern Haunting: True Hauntings of the South by CK Webb
  • Contributor’s Corner: Amy Lignor
  • Stranger Than Fiction: Moon Landing? by Donald Allen Kirch
  • Just for Fun

One year subscription to the Electronic Version of the magazine runs $24.00 USD. You can order here: Suspense Magazine

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