Suspense Magazine August 2012The August 2012 issue of Suspense Magazine is out with another great lineup. Check it out:

  • America’s Favorite Suspense Authors: Part III by Anthony Franze
  • A Dose of Reality by Laura Kathryn Rogers
  • Unsolved: The Elderly Serial Killer by CK Webb
  • Sneak Peek Excerpt of Discretion by Allison Leotta
  • Rising Talent: SBR Martin: Just out to Write a Good Book
  • What Goes Around, Comes Around by Arthur Carey
  • Sneak Peek Excerpt of A Silent Monument by Shobha Nihalani
  • Inside the Pages: Suspense Magazine Book Reviews
  • Suspense Magazine Movie Reviews
  • Featured Artist: Jennifer Gelinas
  • Cannonball Ojimbwe by Elliott Capon
  • What’s the Deal with the Silver Bullet? by Thomas Scopel
  • Stranger Than Fiction: Salem Witch Trials by Donald Allen Kirch
  • Sneak Peek Excerpt of The Calypso Directive by Brian Andrews
  • Rubble by Casey McKenna
  • Contributor’s Corner: Jenny Hilborne
  • VonBertruden’s Curse by Michael Infinito
  • Just for Fun

You can order a single issue or a subscription in either print or electronic editions: Suspense Magazine

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